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Terms and Conditions

Rail3d runs on Windows Vista  or later versions of Windows

For installation instructions see Installing Rail3D

New Users:  

Download the Rail3D setup 

This program will download the necessary components of Rail3D and install Rail3D on your computer.  An internet connection is required during the installation to download components.  A broadband connection is recommended: the basic installation of the program and demo layout requires approx 35-40Mb of download.

Existing Users:   Download the Rail3D Updater  (ZIP file, 109kB)

This program should be unzipped and placed in the same folder as your existing Rail3D program files.  When the updater is run it will download new components from the internet and update your installation.

Alternate Installation Method

Build notes

For details of version changes, see  110

Version 108 is the previous published version (which will run on Windows XP)

Program Updates

Program updates are published via the Rail3D updater program.  You should have this program (R3d Update.exe) in your Rail3D folder  (if not see instructions above for downloading).

Please run the updater program periodically and it will ensure that you have the latest code and model library releases.


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