Can I get the program on a CD?

Not from here.  Rail3d is developing and new versions are produced quite frequently.  For this reason, the recommended method for downloading the program is to use the install program on the download page - this program downloads new components from the web library as they are released.

Where can I download models for the program?

Some rail3d users have published their models on their own webpages and you can download them from there.  For example see Mark Hodson's webpage (see links page).  The biggest collection of models can be found by clicking on the Library page of this site and although you candownload individual models here, the best way is to use the updater tool which will automatically download new and updated models for you.

Where can I download layouts for the program?

There are some layouts on this website for download - these layout packages are mostly complete with all necessary models and  scenery included.  You can also find layouts on other users websites (see links page).

Why can't I find many routes to download?

Unlike many other simulators, the emphasis of Rail3D is on building layouts rather than driving trains.  Many users find the most enjoyment of Rail3d is building layouts and prefer to build there own rather than download layouts.  You can find some layouts for download on this site.

Can I use models from other sims (eg Train Sim) with Rail3D?

Not directly, but (from #100 onwards) it is possible to convert MSTS models for Rail3D use.  A conversion utility has been made to do this.

The Rail3D development team entirely respects the right of msts authors to preserve copyright in their work and will not condone conversion ofmsts models without the original author’s permission.

Msts model authors who are interested in converting their models can find the MSTS conversion tool here.

Why can't I get sound?

Rail3d includes code to play sounds for the trains: however this code is not enabled since we do not have sufficient copyright free sound files to publish.  We are working on this, however if anyone is able to help with this we would be delighted to hear from you.

MRG 22/05/2013 21:11:56