Version 108 

Release date  10/08/2013

To upgrade an existing copy of Rail3D to version 108, please see upgrading to 108

New Features  (and old ones restored)


  • Sound fades when simulation paused
  • Restored support for sky textures
  • Restored support for terrain texture painting
  • Digitiser shows elevations
  • Autosave files

Track and Features

  • Option to specify type of AWS object in layout properties
  • Divide/combine wild card in route name
  • Wild card substitution in route change
  • Doors open options on reverse / divide / combine etc

Driving and cabs

  • Condensed cab drive dialog
  • Master controller cab control
  • Loco brake
  • AWS cancel control
  • Gearbox implementation for Diesel mechanical units
  • Engine shutdown
  • "Right away" sound
  • Autosave
  • Head up/Head down views
  • Drive Report


  • New approach control options
  • New options for setting lamp state with script syntax
  • Lamps and script settings can now be placed in sub-components


  • New scripting functions
    • Document.FindTrain()
    • Train.StartNow()
    • OnStuck(). IsStuck() and GetStoppedCount()

Bug Fixes and minor tweaks

  • Divides sets train max incorrectly 
  • Max speed in HUD, not greater than train max
  • No focus on drive window
  • Editor shows CONTROLs and IGAUGEs
  • Point tween textures
  • (105) Linear scenery texture reversed
  • Brugge: missing scenery
  • Brake noise heard when stopped
  • Stop drive mode from toolbar
  • Track dictionary load error
  • Horn on start
  • Script status output
  • Package picking up signal scripts
  • Package picking up signal textures
  • Signal ahead of divide/combine clearing as train approaches
  • Error on loading a train saved in the combining state
  • Moving water on streams
  • "An update is available" message not launching updater correctly
  • Lay track at terrain level check box not working

New features and tweaks in the editor

  • MILLIMETRIC in signals
  • Showing signal texture properly
  • Showing lamps in new format
  • Shift tool does strips




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