A Little Bit Of Graubünden

A layout based on the RhB railway in south-east Switzerland, using the excellent models made by Mark Hodson. This is a fictional layout, although bits of it might well remind you of somewhere ...

Mark Goodspeed

ALBOG.TRP   27/04/2018   59.34 MB
Charnton Rd.TRP   27/04/2018   2.04 MB


This layout is based on Crewe, a major junction on the West Coast Mainline, and features a signal control panel

Crewe.TRP   27/04/2018   1.54 MB


This is the demo layout installed when Rail3D is first installed and used in the tutorials.

Mark Goodspeed (with help from others, including Michele Modica)

Demo.TRP   27/04/2018   45.26 MB


This layout represents the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway’s Holmfirth branch, which ran for 1.75 miles from a junction at Brockholes on the Huddersfield to Penistone line. There was an intermediate station at Thongs Bridge, and the line was double-track throughout, apart from the single platform terminus.

holmfirth_branch.trp   27/04/2018   2.22 MB

Horseshoe Curve

Altoona to Johnstown route in Pennsylvania. See Horseshoe Curve project

Horseshoe Curve.TRP   27/04/2018   17.78 MB
Isle Of Wight.TRP   27/04/2018   4.19 MB
Long and Lomond.TRP   27/04/2018   12.28 MB


The old Lötschberg tunnel route between Spiez and Brig. See Lötschberg

V0.05, early preview, south ramp.

Lotschberg.TRP   27/04/2018   8.29 MB


The entire CFL network in Luxembourg

V0.05, Work in progress - lots more to do.

Luxembourg.TRP   27/04/2018   30.98 MB

Four Aspect Signals

This layout contains all the 4-aspect colour light signals.

Signals-4Aspects.TRP   27/04/2018   5.81 MB

Upper Quadrant Signals

This layout contains upper quadrant semaphore signals.

Signals-UpperQuadrant.TRP   27/04/2018   4.94 MB


A mountain railway in central Italy by Michele Modica.

The layout covers all the 164 km of the real line, from the station of Terni, along the electrified line Orte-Falconara, to Sulmona, along the Roma-Pescara line, and includes all the 22 stations.

Project Page

Terni_Sulmona.TRP   27/04/2018   81.23 MB
West Highland.TRP   27/04/2018   4.41 MB