Alternate Installation Method

If you have problems with installing Rail3d, there is an alternate installation method that can be used.

  1. Create a folder for Rail3D (eg c:\Rail3D).  Note that installing Rail3D under c:\program files is not recommended

  2. Download the Download the Rail3D Updater  (ZIP file, 109kB), unzip the file and put the updater executable in your new Rail3D folder created at step 1.

  3. Launch the updater by double clicking the executable file

  4. Select the "Program Update" tab and click "Scan for Updates" - the updater will look for files to download

  5. When the scan is complete and a list of files is shown, click "Update selected files"

  6. When the updater has finished downloading the program components, close the updater.

  7. Launch the Rail3D program, but double-clicking the Rail3D executable file "Rail3D.exe" which the updater has downloaded to your Rail3D folder:  this will set up the Rail3D index files.

  8. When Rail3D has opened, close Rail3D and open the updater again, select the "Library Update" tab and click "Scan for updates"  (NB, if you have two updater files in the folder, use "Rail3D update" not "R3D Update"

  9. When the updater has finished scanning your Rail3D folders (this may take some time) it will show a list of library file (stock and scenery models, track types etc) to fetch.  Click "Download selected files" to download the library files,  it will take some time to download all the library contents.  Note that the updater fetches files in batches, specified by the "limit number of files" box.  You may want to increase this number if you want the updater to fetch a lot of files in one go.

This process will create a working copy of Rail3D (or repair a copy of Rail3D) in the specified folder, the only thing it won't do is create shortcuts for Rail3D on your desktop or start menu.

MRG 30/12/2013 08:08:29