Railway 32

Railway32 is a screensaver for Windows. 

Railway32v8 is the new version of railway 32 with new features, including multiple menus,  new scene modes, build in module decompression, and other new features. 

New Features in Railway32V8

Railway32v8 is developed and tested on Windows 8.1.  You are welcome to download and enjoy version 8 here.

Modules for Railway32


v 8.9.0

  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Fixed problem loading large modules


  • Fixed issue with stock assembly of complex expressions.
  • Added option in module install to select/create menu.
  • Debug status window resizes.


  • Removed duplication in module builder (case sensitivity)


  • Fixed setup to overwrite previous versions


  • Module builder now supports custom signals and steam loco animations
  • Enhanced timer and moves per draw dialog controls.


  • Improved support for 24 bit graphics
  • Restored (and improved) signal diagram
  • Improved install module process
  • F5/F9 for Run/Pause

MRG 21/03/2015 14:15:27