Conditions of Use

Rail3d may be downloaded and used, subject to the following conditions:

Rail3D Conditions of Use

  • Rail3D is a freeware program and may be downloaded free for personal use.
  • Rail3D models (including rolling stock, scenery, signals, OHLE and track) may be downloaded from the group’s website and file libraries free of charge for personal use with the Rail3D program only.

You may:

  • Download and use layout files posted to the Rail3d Yahoo group file library or Rail3D website.
  • Download and use scenery, stock and signal files from the Rail3d Yahoo group file library or Rail3d website for personal use with the Rail3D program.

You may not:

  • Distribute the Rail3D program in any form, including uploading to websites without the express permission of the program author, M Goodspeed.
  • Modify Rail3d model files without the permission of the original author of the file.

Rail3d Model Files

  • Rail3D model files include rolling stock, scenery, signal, OHLE and track models for Rail3D.
  • You may download model files from the Rail3D online library
  • You may create and edit model files using the Rail3D editor tools - or other tools.  Any models created for Rail3D may be distributed on your own website, by email, through the Rail3D Yahoo group, or on the Rail3D online library.  If you publish your models in any of these ways, you automatically give permission for the models to be hosted on the Rail3d online library.
  • You may not host model files on your own website without permission from the model author.
  • You may not modify and Rail3D model files without the permission of the model author.




  • Rail3D is copyright Mark Goodspeed.   Mark@Rail3d.net
  • The Rail3D manual is copyright Mark Hodson.

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