Signal Panel

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Introducing Signal Panels

New in Build 100, Rail3D now has the ability to define and operate signal control panels.


While traditional signalling systems provided the signaller with a Lever Frame to operate each individual signal or switch, since the 1940s it has become more common to provide a system where the signaller sets up logical “routes” for train movements on a diagram of the track layout. The simplest form of this is the “nx” (Entrance-Exit) panel, where the signaller has to press a button at the start-point of the route and another at the end-point. The internal logic of the system checks whether this route is permitted by the interlocking, then sets all the necessary switches before clearing the signals.

Rail3D normally does something like this for you “behind the scenes”, setting routes for trains automatically as required. By creating a signal panel, you can take over manual control of (part of) your layout.

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