Bugs and Changes

Bugs, problems and wishes are collectively known as modifications.

Bugs do appear from time to time.  It would be helpful if users raised a bug via the dedicated site www.rail3dmods.co.uk and not in the newsgroup. 

Wishes can be discussed in the newsgroup, if desired. 

Problems will probably be solved more quickly via the group, unless there is no solution forthcoming! 

In the case of bugs, it is essential that you describe in detail what is happening at the time of a bug, particularly in the case of a Rail3d crash. If you can send a small layout or screenshot showing it happening, all to the good.  Otherwise we will try to re-create it from your information.  If we cannot, then expect an e-mail for further information.
Only bugs occurring on the latest released version will be investigated.  At the point a new build is released, outstanding bugs from the previous version will be rolled forward.
Before reporting a bug, please check in the lists below that it has not already been reported.  The summary pages are listed in latest modification first and will allow you to look at a modification in fuller detail.  This will also give you an idea of the level of information that is helpful in tracking down a bug.
When the status of a modification has been raised to "Tested", it means that the fix or addition will be in the next build.  Please do not ask when it will be released!

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