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This page is intended for details of books and links to web sites useful for people modelling with Rail3D. Please give a short summary of the sort of information to be found on the site. Note that there are plenty of other lists of rail-related content out there - please only list things that you have found really useful for your own modelling.





For Stock Builders


  • European Railway Server - a massive collection of stock photos; other stuff on the site is a bit of a mixed bag.
  • Extreme Steam - Douglas Self’s collection of the weird and wonderful in the field of steam technology. Most items don’t have enough detail to complete a modelling project, but I’d love to see some of these “loco locos” in Rail3D form!
  • Extreme SteamPrototype Links - in Oct 2010 the Douglas Self site has moved to

http://www.aqpl43.dsl.pipex.com/MUSEUM/LOCOLOCO/locoloco.htmPrototype Links



  • Beyer-Peacock - Includes drawings by Peter Manning of some of the wonderful locos built in Gorton
  • Railway Group Standards - a collection of official documents giving (amongst other things) the technical specifications that railway equipment in the uk has to satisfy.


  • Maurizio Polier - Maurizio has a massive collection of photos of Swiss narrow gauge. On his site he has a representative photo of almost every item of narrow gauge stock in the country. He is also building up a collection of rolling stock drawings.
  • RAIL-INFO SCHWEIZ - Short descriptions of Swiss narrow-gauge railways (in German and English) with some stock photos


  • Deutsche Dampflokomotiven - Drawings and technical details of most types of post-1914 German steam locomotives (in German).


For Layout Designers

Track Layout Diagrams

  • Sporenplan.nl — Sven Seegers is building up a huge collection of layout diagrams covering most of the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.
  • Network Rail Baseline Capability — Mileage data and speed restrictions for the uk rail network (thanks for the link, Daniel!)
  • British Railways in the 1960s — Brian Robertson’s site, includes a lot of useful information extracted from the 1960 Sectional Appendix


  • Getamap — The Ordnance Survey map server for the uk - up to 1:25000
  • New Popular Edition Maps — Richard Fairhurst’s collection of out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey one-inch maps of England and Wales from the 1940s. Can be used freely.
  • National Library of Scotland — Scottish os maps from the 20s and 30s.
  • Multimap — has 1:50000 maps of the uk (it calls them “1:25000″) and aerial photos to the same scale.
  • map.search.ch — Swiss aerial photos overlaid with vector mapping, but no contour information
  • Swissgeo — Topo-maps of Switzerland from the Swiss federal survey.
  • Schweizmobil — Topo-maps of Switzerland, available in bigger chunks than on the Swissgeo server.
  • GéoPortail France — French topomaps (down to 1:25k) and aerial photos from the ign. Resolution of photos comparable to Google Earth, but with the advantage that they are aligned to the maps. Also covers overseas territories. Rail3D Tahiti, anyone?
  • Austrian Map Online — Austria at scales up to 1:50k (Java)
  • Norgesglasset — Norwegian Topo-maps (annoying Java applet, but you can zoom in up to 1:5k and see railway layout detail in most places!)
  • Eniro (Sweden)
  • Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation Sachsen-Anhalt — Online topo maps of Sachsen-Anhalt up to 1:10k, Java viewer applet.
  • Google Earth — those who have been living on another planet may not have seen this superb collection of aerial and satellite photos yet…
  • http://www.sovietmaps.com/ — English-language site about Soviet military maps, with links to various download sites. Availability is a bit patchy, and you need a bit of imagination to decipher the place names, but the Russian army produced some very high quality maps, especially at 1:100000 and 1:50000, covering most of Europe, India, China, and a lot of other interesting railway areas… Be aware that the Ordnance Survey considers that the Russian maps covering the uk infringe their copyright. This is disputed, but you should probably avoid using them in the uk unless you can afford a good lawyer…










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