How to create a lake in the terrain.

  • Firstly, assuming we have some terrain already set up:
  • Next, create a contour around the edge of the lake - this needs two sets of points, one higher set on the outer side of the lake, one inner set on the inner side:

If you are using the digitiser, note that you can use the digitiser’s contour tool, which is designed to do just this and will create two contours of points around the lake:

  • Having created the contour, retriangulate.
  • Open the scenery library and find the special “water” item which should be in the “Countryside” folder.
  • Drag the water item to the model, when you place a new dialog appears:
  • Set the elevation of the lake and the size.

Job done!


  • You can rotate the scenery item to align it as you wish
  • You can double click the scenery item to get the dialog back if you want to change the elevation or dimensions
  • For really large bodies of water, it is preferable to use several water items to cover the area.