Midsomer Norton

This is a project that I started in 2002 after I had finished "South of Grantham 2". Five years later I have finally managed to get it to a reasonably
finished state!

The module shows Midsomer Norton station on the Somerset & Dorset Joint line. It is set in the mid 1950s, in the BR carmine & cream era. I did originally
intend to do another scene in the early 1960s but the prospect of waiting another 5 years meant that I thought it better to post sooner rather than later.

I hope you enjoy the scenes.


070524_Midsomer_Norton.r32m   27/04/2018   506 kB
mk1.r32m   27/04/2018   135 kB
mk1cnc.r32m   27/04/2018   27 kB

Rhaetische Bahn

This is a module of RhB trains and scenes.

The Rhaetische Bahn is a metre gauge network serving the mountaneous canton of Graubundun in south-east Switzerland.

RHB.r32m   27/04/2018   1866 kB
twlocos.r32m   27/04/2018   108 kB

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