Upgrading to #108

Because of significant changes to the Rail3D website in connection with version #108 and some upgrades and re-organisation to the libary, the upgrade process is a little more complicated that usual.

Recommended process to upgrade an earlier version to 108

  • Download the new version of the updater program from the downloads page.
  • Unzip the new updater and place it in your Rail3D folder.  (replace the existing updater with the new version)
  • Run the updater and on the program tab, click "Scan for changes":  the (new) updater should identify the new Rail3D files and download the version 108 program and associated new files.

Updating your library

There are some significant new models in the library, and some older ones have been re-organised and updated. 

To avoid duplications, it is recommended that you delete the following folders in your Rail3D library before updating the library:

  • \Stock\uk_main\units\dmu\1stgeneration
  • \Stock\uk_main\diesels\type3
  • \Signals\UK\4 aspect
  • \Signals\UK\semaphores\uq

these folders (especially the signals) have been extensively updated for version 108 - it is recomended you delete these folders before updating the library: this will avoid conflicts and duplication.

If you have customised any of the above models, you should of course copy your customisations before deleting the folders.

  • Run the updater and update the library to get the new models.

The Demo package

  • Download the demo package from the layouts page - this layout showcases some of the new features and is worth looking at even if you are familiar with Rail3D.


Further info on the new version can be found here:  108

Things to look for:

  • Sky
  • New class 37 cab
  • New class 101 DMU with cab and opening doors
  • Try driving train 2G11 in the demo layout
  • Try driving the class 101 DMU in the demo layout
  • Sample layouts for 4 aspect colour light and UQ semaphore signals


MRG 11/08/2013 10:15:24