Platform Clipping

"Platform Clipping" is a parameter in the scenery file that allows a platform to be placed close to adjacent track links, and have the platform clipped so that it does not overlap the adjacent track.


Platform without clipping:  overlaps adjacent line:



Same platform with clipping parameter: note how platform clipped to avoid track overlap.




To enable, platform clipping, modify the scenery file by adding the "TrackClip" parameter as below:

Name Linear Platform L (10 Metres)
Skin "platforms.bmp"
TrackClip 60
## Platform Face

Fill -52/-3/35 -330/-3/35 @0.495,0.375
Fill -46/-3/35 -52/-3/35 @0.87,0.9
fill -46/-3/26 -46/-3/35 @0.495,0.375
fill -55/-3/-10 -55/-3/26 @0.125,0.25

The TRACKCLIP parameter specifies the distance from the adjacent line's centre-line that the platform clips at.


  • "Clipped" platforms take significantly longer to generate than non-clipped platforms.
  • You may prefer to have "Clipping" and "Non-Clipping" versions of the same scenery model in order to avoid the extra generation time, except where it is needed.
  • TrackClip can be applied to other linear scenery items besides platforms.
  • The clipping mode is relatively simple - to avoid really long generation time - so will not cope with extreme conditions.  You still need to use appropriate node positions and choose appropriate platform width sizes.


TrackClip Parameter


The platform is clipped by the dashed red line.

The red arrows indicate the offset of the dashed line from the centre line of the adjacent track - this is the clipping parameter.



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