New Directions

Prior to version 110 train direction could be set as UP or DOWN.  Build 110 adds new options for direction.


The directions available are:

Up Down
East West
North South
In Out
Left Right
Clockwise Anti-clockwise
Forward Back

The directions are in pairs (eg East/West,  Left/Right): when a train reverses (or is reflected), the direction becomes the opposite of the pair, thus if direction is "Forward" on reversal, the direction becomes "Back" and vice versa.


Direction setting tool

The direction on features (eg Stops, Locations etc) can be set using the Track Setting train tool:


with "Set Direction" ticked (and the tool enabled - top left), as the train runs along the layout, it sets the direction of each feature it passes to the specified direction.

Thus, if I want to set all the features along a route to "North", I can set this in the tool, and by running a train along the route set all the features to the same direction label.

When the train in question reverses, or is reflected, the direction in the tool is reversed as well.

Build 110

MRG 10/12/2015 01:02:49