Functions Summary

This page lists all functions available for use in scripts in alphabetical order. For any further information about each function, refer to the appropriate documentation page for the object to which the function applies.

See notes at the end of the page for further information.

Returns Function name and arguments Applies to
float acos(float value) Built In Functions
Alert(str) Built In Functions
Append(string Type) Train
float asin(float value) Built In Functions
float atan(float value) Built In Functions
BuildLink(float a,float b,float c,float d,float e,float f) Document
float Call(string entrypoint) Panel
clear() Built In Functions
ClearAll() Document
float cos(float angle) Built In Functions
DeleteFeature(string FeatType,float a,float b) Document
DeleteFollowing() Train
Display(str) Built In Functions
link GetAdvanceLink() Signal
float GetAlpha() Node
bool GetAutoCut() Link
node GetConnectedNode(int a,int b) Node
int GetControl(int Controller) Train
node GetCurrentNode() Document
float GetCutWidth() Link
bool GetDarkness() Link
string GetDestinationIndicator() Train
float GetDistance(train) Signal
bool GetDOS() Train
float GetDOSDistance() Train
int GetHold() Signal
int GetHour() Document
string GetID() Signal
int GetLength() Train
float GetLimit() Train
float GetLineSpacing() Document
bool GetLit() Link
bool GetLocked() Link
node GetMarker1() Document
node GetMarker2() Document
float GetMax() Train
float GetMetres() Train
int GetMin() Document
string GetNumber() Train
bool GetOccupied() Link
bool GetOHLE() Link
string GetOHLEType() Link
node GetOtherNode(node) Link
panel GetPanel(string panelname) Document
int GetParam(int ParamNumber) Train
node GetPrimeNode() Link
link GetRearLink() Signal
string GetRoute() Train
string GetRouteLabel() Signal
float GetRouteLimit() Signal
int GetSec() Document
signal GetSig(int x,int y) Document
signal 107string id) Panel
signal GetSigByID(string) Document
bool GetSmoke() Link
float GetSpeed() Train
int GetStartTime() Train
float GetStockMax() Train
float GetStockTE() Train
float GetTargetDistance() Train
float GetTargetSpeed() Train
string GetType() Link
string GetType() Signal
string GetType() Train
float GetX() Node
float GetX() Signal
float GetY() Node
float GetY() Signal
float GetZ() Node
float InputFloat(string prompt) Built In Functions
int InputInt(string prompt) Built In Functions
string InputString(string prompt) Built In Functions
int isCau() Signal
int IsCau2() Signal
int IsClear() Signal
bool IsFollowed() Train
int IsHidden() Signal
bool IsHold() Signal
int IsJct() Signal
int IsJct2() Signal
bool IsLockThrough() Signal
int IsOn() Signal
int IsShunt() Signal
string Left(str,x) Built In Functions
int Len(str) Built In Functions
LinkNodes(float a,float b,float c,float d,float e,float f) Document
Load(string) Document
Merge(string) Document
string Mid(str,x) Built In Functions
string Mid(str,x,y) Built In Functions
signal NextSignal() Signal
PlaySound(string WaveName) Train
signal PrevSignal() Signal
print(expression) Built In Functions
printL(expression) Built In Functions
printTime() Built In Functions
QueryTimetable() Train
int Rand(x) Built In Functions
ResetHoldCount() Signal
string Right(str,x) Built In Functions
RunGlobalScripts() Document
SetAlpha(float a) Node
SetArm(int ArmID,int angle) Signal
SetAutoCut(bool) Link
SetControl(int Controller,float position) Train
SetCutWidth(float) Link
SetDarkness(bool) Link
SetDefaultTrackType(string type) Document
SetDestinationIndicator(string) Train
SetHold(bool) Signal
SetID(string) Signal
SetLamp(int LampID,int r,int g,int b,int f) Signal
SetLimit(float l) Train
SetLimitAt(float l,float a,float y) Train
SetLit(bool) Link
SetLockThrough(bool) Signal
SetOHLE(bool) Link
SetOHLEType(string Type) Link
SetPans(bool b1,bool b2) Train
SetParam(int ParamNumber,float value) Train
SetRoute(string) Train
SetSaveTriangles(bool) Document
SetSmoke(bool) Link
SetStartTime(int h,int m) Train
SetTime(int h,int m) Document
SetTrackType(string type) Document
SetType(string Type) Link
SetType(string) Signal
SetType(string) Train
SetX(float x) Node
SetXY(float x,float y) Node
SetY(float y) Node
SetZ(float z) Node
float sin(float angle) Built In Functions
float sqrt(float value) Built In Functions
float tan(float angle) Built In Functions
Triangulate() Document
UnsetArm(int ArmID) Signal
UnsetLamp(int LampID) Signal


  1. Information presented on this page has been gathered from other wiki pages on this site and may not be complete.
  2. There may be scripting features that are undocumented and therefore do not appear on this list.
  3. Where a function’s return type is void, the Returns column has been left blank.
  4. Where a function has no arguments, for simplicity the word void is not shown in the brackets.
  5. Some functions may appear more than once if they apply to several Rail3D objects.
  6. Function names are case-sensitive.