Entry Points Summary

This page lists all entry points available for use in scripts in alphabetical order. For any further information about each entry point, you must refer to the appropriate documentation page for the object to which the entry point applies.

See notes at the end of the page for further information.

Entry point Applies to
AccelerationForce() Train
BrakeForce() Train
DragForce() Train
OnCanShunt() Train
OnCouple() Train
OnFrame() Train
OnGlobalLink() Document
OnGlobalNode() Document
OnGlobalSignal() Document
OnGlobalTrain() Document
OnLever() Lever Frame
OnLocation() Document
OnLocation() Train
OnReverse() Document
OnReverse() Train
OnSetLamps() Signal
OnSignal() Train
OnSignalCanClear() Panel
OnSignalCanClear() Signal
OnSignalCanRouteTo() Panel
OnSignalCanRouteTo() Signal
OnSignalOnTrain() Panel
OnStop() Document
OnStop() Train
OnTimer() Train
OnTrain() Signal
OnUncouple() Document
OnUncouple() Train
SetControls() Train


  1. Information presented on this page has been gathered from other wiki pages on this site and may not be complete.
  2. There may be scripting features that are undocumented and therefore do not appear on this list.
  3. Some entry points may appear more than once if they apply to several Rail3D objects, however it’s possible that some entry points may be able to be used with objects not listed here.
  4. Entry point names are case-sensitive.