Car Loader

Preliminary information - this page describes a new feature to be released with version 110


Car Loader


The car loader feature is used to load and unload cars (or other road vehicles) on or off a train.

Using the Car Loader Feature

  1. Create a suitable length of track for a loading siding and select a suitable train with wagons that can load and transport a load.  Place a reverse (or similar) feature to stop the train at the appropriate place.

  2. Set the stop duration on the reverse to a suitable time (eg 300 seconds)
  3. Add a road for the approaching road vehicles, and continue this road over the track and the position of the loading wagon:

  4. The height of the road above the track should be the height of the loading floor of the wagon as specififed in the wagon stock file
  5. Note that I have used the normal road type track here - once everything is set up and working I will change the road type to "invisible track" and a suitable platform scenery model
  6. Add a "Loader" feature at the point where the road is over/on the loading vehicle (and set the loader direction to match the direction of the arriving cars)

  7. Add cars to the road.


In operation cars load onto the train, incoming loaded trains will unload their cars to the road at the loading point.


Specifiying that a rail vehicle can take a road load

The rail wagon model needs to be modified to take a load.






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