Auto Save File

Rail3D auto-saves the current layout every five minutes - but only when the simulation is paused.

  • Autosave doe not operate when the simulation is running - if it did there would be an unsatisfactory drop in frame-rate (a pause) while the autosave operated.
  • When the layout is paused, if an autosave file has not been created for five minutes or more, the autosave file is created.
  • The autosave file has the same name as the layout file, is in the same location as the layout file and has the extension .auto
  • An autosave file is a normal Rail3D save layout file and can be opened in the same way as normal layout file.
  • If the program is closed unexpectedly and there is an autosave file, the next time the program is opened, it will prompt to recover the autosave file.


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