Number Specific Textures

Number specific textures allow you to specify differences in texturing between locomotives, for example to use a different nameplate, or crest on different locomotives.


In the above example, the nameplate is a number specific texture - a different texture is selected depending on the loco number.

In this model, the LNER A3, the nameplates are defined as:

Name A3.MTX.61 
fill 855/720/-1020 855/-720/-1020 855/-720/280 855/720/280 0.0.0 = "$A3_nameplate%n.bmp"
fill -855/-720/-1020 -855/720/-1020 -855/720/280 -855/-720/280 0.0.0 = "$A3_nameplate%n.bmp"


ie, the texture specified is "$A3_nameplate%n.bmp", when the locos is rendered in the simulation, the "%n" is replaced with the loco's number, thus textures "$A3_nameplate60085" is used for loco 60085 and so on.

MRG 11/09/2013 12:41:18