Hinged Doors



The syntax for a hinged door is similar to the previous sliding door:

 DoorH  ww/ll/hh rot [left|right]  ww/ll/hh     is the position of (the bottom of) the hinge.  Ie the rotation point of the door.
rot is rotation in degrees (positive or negative)
Left or Right indicates which side of the train the door should open for. If left or right is omitted, the program will try to work it out
The name of the door component


 DoorH  47/150/40 90 right 100DoorLeftGreen
 DoorH 47/370/40 90 right 100DoorLeftGreen

An important difference with sliding doors, is that not all the doors open at one time: the doors open in a random order (or not at all) at each stop.


Concertina Doors

Some coaching stock has concertina doors, where two or more leaves fold together:


This can be modelled by mounting the second leaf of the door on the first leaf:

 DoorH  100/100/0 90 FirstDoorLeaf

 Name FirstDoorLeaf

 ..  panels for door ..

 DoorH   0/50/0  −180 SecondDoorLeaf

 Name SecondDoorLeaf

 ..  panels for door ..


and so on.


Double leaf doors

Some stock has doors with door leaves opening to each side:


Because the doors open randomly, this can lead to situations where one half of the door opens and the other doesn’t. To combat this, use the DoorSet term - which links doors together to ensure they open together at the same rate:

 Name Rh B_511_DoorSet

 DoorH	0/18/90 −85  Rh B_511_DoorLeafA
 DoorH	0/102/90 85 Rh B_511_DoorLeafC

The doorset term is used as follows:

 DoorSet 100/0/0 Rh B_511_DoorSet

Syntax is the same as include - but it serves to synchronise the door sub-components.


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