Include With Rotate

The include with rotate keyword is an extension of the include keword that allows the inclided component to be rotated about one of the axis.

This can help when constructing objects in odd orientations - it may be easier to model the object in a normal orientation then apply a rotation to it when adding to the model. It also allows the use of special keywords such as wheel to be used in non standard orientations.


For example, the control desk of a loco will often slope away from the driver - it might be easier to model it in a flat orientation then tilt it back to make it slope by applying a rotation during the include. You will also want to have gauges on the desk and these only work along the orthogonal axes. So we can model the instrument panel in an orthogonal orientation:


and then include it with a rotation to tilt it back onto the slope of the instrument desk.



Include w/l/h  [rx/ry/rz]  component

where rx,ry,rz is the rotation about the axes.

For the above example:

Include 0/98/0 		[30/0/0]	ControlModule_MainInstruments


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