24s And25s

Heading Class 24 & 25 for Rail3D

As I had some spare time I though I would try and get to grips with building a locomotive for Rail3D. The choice may be surprising for someone who hasn’t built anything on this scale in the editor.

my first option for this model is a modular construction, which will enable all variants to be produced.

This means separate components for: Cab’s Cab Roofs Under frame Details

Using a mix and match for these components should mean that each variant (24/0, 24/1, 25/0, 25/1, 25/2 and 25/3) shouldn’t be too hard to construct.

It is envisaged that the different body side styles and roof’s should be textured, thus making construction easier and model frame rate friendly. All of the construction so far has been in strips which in its self has been a steep learning curve.

Further information on the project will be added here as things progress. At the moment work on the cab front for the 25/3 variant is underway, once I am satisfied I will start on the other variants.

Matthew Callaghan