How to Create an Installation CD

Creating an Install CD

The Rail3D installer needs an internet connection to download components from the internet.  If you need to install Rail3D on a computer without an internet connection, please follow these instructions.

  • Download the Rail3D installation program.

  • Run the installation process on an internet connected machine and when prompted to select a folder for installation, create and specify a new, empty folder.

  • Let the installation program complete downloading and installing into the new folder.

  • To download some models, either:

    • Download some getting started packages on the internet connected machine and unpack using the new copy of Rail3D 


    • Run "R3d update" in the new folder on the internet connected machine and allow it to download all available models from the library 
      (this will take some time and requires broadband)

  • Copy the entire folder containing Rail3D and all the sub-folders containing downloaded models to a CD.

On the target machine:

  • Create a new folder for Rail3D

  • Copy the Rail3D folder and sub-folders from the CD to the new folder.

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