Fowey Problem

The Fowey Shunting Problem

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A quick blurb

Fowey is a terminus on my current layout (Furnmouth) and this signalling exercise might be of use to many other people. Hopefully someone else has done something similar already! :)

  • The station has only one platform.
  • The station does have a run round loop however
  • There are two stock recess sidings for passenger trains awaiting their next turn of duty
  • There are 5 sidings for freight
  • There is one additional locomotive recess siding
  • I think the signal I need is a shunt ahead signal - not a calling on signal!

All in all this looks a bit like:

(sorry its a bit small - contact me via the yahoogroup for the full sized picture)

Here’s the bit of the timetable that causes the first interest:

Headcode Origin Departure Time Destination Approximate Arrival Time Next Working / Next le Working Locomotive Provided
2S02 Bodmin General 0730 Fowey 0815 0S02 Loco2
5S01 Fowey Platform ---- Fowey Train Berth 0833 ---- Loco2
5S01 Fowey Train Berth 1044 Fowey Platform 1056 ---- Loco2
2S03 Fowey 1110 Bodmin General 1155 0SXX* Loco2
  • unallocated as yet

Actually setting this up to run is a doddle. But its what signals should go where that I’m looking at!


I think there should be calling on signals - but where? - does r3d provide calling on functionality at the moment, and is anyone working on a model calling on signal?

I can supply this part of the layout to anyone if required…I have it detached and ready to go :)


I have a model of a calling on signal…but as you can see the state table isn’t quite right yet - there is a reverse behind the signal, which the O2 Tank we’re following is meant to use.


Stephen W has given me a bit of help with the state table:

Not quite right yet - the loco didn’t move into the permissive block.

More information about the layout can be found at http://www.thistle5.plus.com/west.html

Alan Perryman - rail3d@thistle5.plus.com