Crewe Panels


Signalling at Crewe

For background information about this layout see Crewe. The layout can be downloaded from the layout download page.


Elements of the panel

Signals are shown on the diagram and display red when the signal is at danger (on) and green when not (off). When the panel is in control mode, you control the signals except for automatic signals, and fringe signals (see below).
  • Fringe signals
Fringe signals are controlled signals that are shown on the panel but not controlled by this panel. They are shown with a white ring to distinguish them.
  • Train describers
Train describers show the route designations of the trains in those sections. The routes are normally shown in white. Trains that waiting for timetable time shown in grey. Stopped trains show green when first stopped, yellow when nearly ready to start and red when stopped at signals or are overdue to start.
  • Route terminating points - uncouples and reverses
Routes normally end at signals, but can also end at reverses and uncouples. These are shown by purple markers on the panel.

Operating the Crewe panel

Trains take routes as below:

  • 1A87 London to Glasgow express, wcml, does not stop.
  • 1B86 Birmingham to Glasgow express, wcml, stops at Crewe
  • 1G90 London to Glasgow to express, wcml, stops at Crewe
  • 1H86 London to Holyhead. Changes loco at Crewe (see below).
  • 1M47 Cardiff to Manchester express, stops at Crewe, runs via Shrewsbury and Manchester line.
  • 1M86 London to Manchester, stops at Crewe, wcml (south) and Manchester line.
  • 2D32 Chester line, local dmu, reverse in north end bays.
  • 2K56 Stoke line dmu, reverses in south end bays.
  • 2L32 Liverpool emu, runs on wcml (north) reverse in north end bays.
  • 2M30 Manchester line emu, reverses in platform 1
  • 2P12 wcml local emu, stops at Crewe, runs on slow lines to south.
  • 2S15 Shrewsbury line dmu, reverses in south bays.
  • 325 wcml postal, runs on fast line and does not stop.
  • 4M90 Freightliner, wcml (south) to Manchester line. Uses freight avoiding lines.
  • 4P90 wcml freightliner, uses freight avoiding lines.
  • 6C37 Stoke line to Chester line coal.
  • 6O37 Oil, wcml (south) to Manchester line. Uses freight avoiding lines.
  • 6O60 wcml oil, uses freight avoiding lines.
  • 6S60 Steel, wcml (south) to Manchester line. Uses freight avoiding lines.
  • 6T60 Oil, wcml (north) to Shrewsbury line. Uses freight avoiding lines.

Holyhead train.

The holyhead train (1H86/1H47) changes locos at Crewe (using platform 12). The sequence is as follows:


  • Train 1H86 approaches on down fast from south.
  • Route the train into platform 12:
  • The loco will uncouple: set the route for the loco to run forward to the reversing point on the Chester line:
  • and then back into the holding siding:
  • meanwhile, a diesel should have come out of the depot ready to take over the train. Route this loco round to the reversing point:
  • and back onto the stock:
  • The train departs via the Chester line:


  • Train 1H47 approaches from Chester and is routed into platform 12 to uncouple:
  • Loco is run forward to reversing point:
  • Diesel loco runs back clear of mainline:
  • and into the diesel depot:
  • Electric loco is brought out from stabling point:
  • through station:
  • and shunts on to stock:
  • Train leaves on wcml


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